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Event Planning from a Male Perspective

Every event has its own unique difference. Most of them run perfectly smooth with absolutely zero flaws, and of course, there are others that throw a couple unseen curve-balls at you. Event planning is an unpredictable job, but somehow I love every single moment of it.

One thing I have noticed over time is that guys who coordinate or plan events don't seem to talk about their perspective of the job, I like to think that I'll be the first one to put that to rest. Several people may think that after you work behind the scenes of countless weddings for so long, you start to become numb to the excitement of it all. In reason, this could be especially true being a 23 year old single male waiting for his own special moment to come, but in fact it is just the opposite. I don't work each event for the paycheck or to just get the job done. In my opinion each wedding is unique! I get to see all the different people, friends, and families come together to celebrate two people in love. I get to watch all the different laughs, memorable smiles, epic dance moves, and teary eyed moments. It is like witnessing numerous of moments and emotions mingle into one beautifully unforgettable memory.

In a way, this job helps me to continue to look forward to my own wedding day, getting to celebrate life with the one I love most. I get to witness the joy created in each wedding knowing that somehow I had a part in that. Setting up and coordinating weddings can be stressful (Jackie can definitely back me on that), but the reward of seeing it all come together is what makes the job well worth it. I have been the assistant coordinator for Elease Productions for about 3 years now and I gotta say that event coordination never gets old. I am one of many people to say that Jackie has a gift of bringing people's dreams to life, It is truly a blessing that I have had the opportunity to work with her talent all these years.

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