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How to Make Your Fall Wedding the Coziest

Fall is right around the corner! Can you smell the bonfires, pumpkin spice, crispy leaves, and flannel shirts already!? We don’t know what it is about the fall season that makes weddings more cozy, but we are certainly here for it! You might be thinking you want to have your wedding during this glorious time of year, but how do you make your wedding shine above the rest of the fall weddings when it comes to the neutral color palette? And what about trying to distract the groomsmen from the fact that they might be missing their favorite football team’s game that day? Don't worry, we're here to the rescue! We have some of our best little details to add that are sure to make your fall wedding full of personal touches that you and your guests wont’ be able to deny. Keep reading to find out what’s on our list of the BEST personal touches and details to add for your big fall wedding day.

To start, let’s talk about getting ready for the day. Everyone does the personalized robes for their bridesmaids these days, and don’t get us wrong, we LOVE that too! To switch it up with a more personalized style, we suggest getting monogrammed flannel button downs for your girls! You could go with colors that match your wedding palette or simply pick those of each bridesmaids’ favorite. It’ll show that you want to be comfortable and warm while getting ready that morning, but will also add a little flare of something different than what you would typically see in those “getting ready” portraits!

Moving on to the guests, we suggest offering something interactive and something thoughtful to help you stand out from all the other weddings that they may be going to around this time of year. For evening weddings, grab a fire pit and set up a sweet and simple marshmallow toasting station for all the guests to get involved with during cocktail hour! Planning on a crisp, fall morning/daytime celebration instead? No worries, just get a couple of baskets and as many flannel or wool throws as you can to put in the baskets at the entrance of your aisle on each side and then label them “For your comfort, grab a blanket and let our love warm you up!”. That way your guests can feel cared for and comfortable during your ceremony.

And for our handsome men out there, you didn’t think we forgot about you, did you? For the guys, comfort is key. Along the same lines as the girls, try getting them personalized warm socks to wear for the day so they don’t get “cold feet” and take off! They’ll thank you later, we promise.

How about a different take on the bouquets? Instead of perfectly curated floral arrangements, we’re loving the look of wheat stems, an assortment of wildflowers, feathers, lots of mixed greenery, and flowers that are deep and rich in color for little “pops” here and there. Have your florist do each one unique and wrapped in burlap for an even more rustic, “down-home” feel.

As for the fall wedding color palette, sure, neutral colors are ALWAYS a beautiful option for this time of year. To spice it up, we’re suggesting going with rich ambers, mustard yellows, rusty oranges, velvety reds, dark purples, and deep greens mixed in with your chosen neutrals. If you’re looking for even more of a flare, add light gold sparkles here and there to warm it up a touch more!

Want your wedding to feel like a fall fire that warms you from the inside out? Find some wide-mouth glass vases varying in size and line your aisle way with them on each side- don’t be afraid to really mix and match! And if the venue allows it, fill them with plain, white, pillar candles all the way down. This is perfect for a sunset fall wedding, it really captures the warm, autumn glow.

We hope you feel the flame for these fun and personal ideas on how to really make the most of your fall wedding feel its best! Now the most important tip, don’t forget to ask the Starbucks barista to write a sweet little “Bride” note on your pumpkin spice latte before you say “I do” to what will be the coziest of all your fall day memories.

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