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Bring on the Rain!

Over the years, our crew at Elease Productions has learned that numerous things can potentially go wrong at a wedding. From pesky family drama, to people tripping down the aisle, and even the cake melting at the last minute. We've been through every situation imaginable! Through all the head aching experiences, we've learned how to prevent these disasters from happening. However, the only disaster that most couples and wedding planners can't consistently predict is... you guessed it, BAD WEATHER. Regardless of the myth that rainy wedding days bring good luck, it has been known to be one of the most common nightmares at a wedding. The common fear of wind blowing decorations out of place, everything and everyone getting soaked in their expensive outfits, and even the pictures not getting the glory that they deserve. It all looks and sounds awful when you imagine it, but depending on your preparation and attitude, it could actually turn out to be the most joyful time of your life.

For those of you that live in Tennessee, you understand how unpredictable the weather can be; it could be perfectly bright and sunny one moment and then bring down a monsoon without warning. At one particular wedding, the forecast for that week showed partly cloudy with a very low chance of rain, which is actually good conditions for a wedding day. On the day of the wedding, however, our crew noticed enormously dark clouds rolling through over the mountains toward our direction while setting up everything for the wedding ceremony. We were about an hour out from the start of the ceremony so each minute spent watching those clouds roll in felt like a ticking time bomb. An hour went by and the clouds were now right on top of us threatening to bring disaster to the ceremony, but the couple decided that the show must go on! The ceremony continued through without a drop of rain until the wedding vows and of course, right before the "I Do", it started pouring down. Most weddings would have stopped right then and there, but the couple and all the guests continued on laughing and smiling through the storm! Everyone stayed out in the rain and cheered on as the couple boldly danced back down out of the aisle. Even while getting soaked, everyone enjoyed their time and supported the beautiful couple! Thankfully, for the reception we had an indoor area and a large tent set up for this very situation so the rest of the night turned out to be a dry, fun time.

Weather can sometimes be unpredictable, even meteorologists don't always predict it perfectly. However, there are ways to prevent your wedding day from becoming a soaking disaster.

1. Have a backup plan: Trusting the daily forecast is not always the best way to stay prepared. Couples should always have a Plan B if they are planning an outdoor wedding. This is where picking the right venue becomes important, wedding venues usually anticipate these types of situations. If possible, try to pick a venue with an indoor area to move into in case of bad weather or have a tent set up and ready.

2. Be Prepared: You have to set a plan with the venue or wedding planner on how everything will be moved from one place to the other in case of rain. This is something you decide on before the wedding even starts. Decide whether to have the indoor area set up differently or the most efficient way to move chairs and decor from one place to the other.

3. Backup Clothing: Wedding clothes can obviously be expensive and a pain to wear after being rained on. Make sure the wedding party has a backup change of nice clothes to change into after the ceremony just in case you decide to stick it out in the ran. That way everyone can still be comfortable and presentable for the rest of the evening.

Wedding planners are amazing at what they can handle, but we're not magicians, we can't stop the weather! When it all boils down, everything depends on the attitude and preparation of the couple. If the couple continues to smile through the rain, the family and guests will always follow through the same way. And don't worry about wedding pictures, ironically rain shots are better for lighting and they can turn out to look even more stunning and memorable! Be bold! Don't let a little bit of water bring down your moment, try to enjoy every second of it!

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