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Being Married to a Wedding Planner: A Husband's Perspective

When you meet someone for the first time, one typical question asked is, “What do you do for a living?” When I answer that question, the look on the person’s face is typically a mixture of confusion and intrigue (I will spare you what I do for a living because it's quite boring). However, when my wife answers that question, the person’s face will light up, their eye brows will raise and a higher pitch voice will project the response of, “really?!” At that point, I will take a step back, find a seat and hope there is food nearby because I know my mic has been turned off and the curtain has dropped on me. Personally I think the same is true for most husbands, I’m perfectly satisfied to quietly sit as my wife tells the highs, lows and twists of wedding planning. However, today is different. This is my opportunity to turn my mic all the way up and share what it’s like being married to a successful wedding planner.

For the guys who may be reading this, I’ll give you 5 bullet points now. For those who are sincerely interested in my perspective, keep reading.

• Being married to a wedding planner is not for someone who can’t cope with the fact that your garage space will only be utilized for wedding supplies.

• Expect to see glitter everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. You can attempt to clean it up, but you will never get every piece of glitter up.

• You will know what taffeta is, you will learn how to fold decorative napkins and you will be up at 3am preparing wedding programs.

• September is no longer when college football begins. September is now fall wedding season.

• You will familiarize yourself with the art and science of cake cutting. At least you’ll soon get to eat cake.

Fellas, you can go about your business now. I applaud you for reading this far.

“Everything should be done in decency and order.” That’s a loose version of 1 Corinthian 14:40 that's not merely said in our home on a regular basis, but is employed in our everyday life. In my opinion, it would be practically impossible to be a flourishing wedding planner without applying that concept. There are many moving parts in the preparation of a wedding and it is imperative that order is kept and assertive decency is given to everyone a wedding planner has contact with. As the husband, I am able to witness the behind the scenes process that lead up to the "big day". During that process, I have never heard a sense of doubt, a quiver of regret, or a tremor of hesitation in her abilities or the service she provides to her clients and vendors. How is one supposed to react when such an example is set? Does a husband simply say, “Hun, I don’t know how you do it.”? Does a husband try to do extra chores around the house, to keep order, in hopes that she sits down to take a minute for herself? I’m sure both actions would be appreciated, but I believe applying that same positive attitude, that same driven approach and that same level of decency to my own life will not only create a positive atmosphere in the home, but also show her that I recognize all the work she’s doing and I recognize how she’s handling issues in such a positive and efficient manner. Buying her flowers never disappoints either!

It's refreshing to see relationships and bonds being formed between the planner and the bride. Jackie doesn’t consider her clients as merely clients. Friendships are made, emotions are poured out, trust is established and many laughs are had. That doesn’t end the day after the wedding either. Usually, that relationship continues because the love that was shown in the planning process is genuine. Elease Productions is a wedding planning/coordinating company, but is a ministry at its core. My personal experience as the husband of a wedding planner has given me the opportunity to see what lies beneath the outer skin of the decorations, the food and the bride’s dress. What remains at the core is love, decency and order. Love for the newlyweds, decency during those times when stress has peaked and order throughout the entire wedding planning development. Passion is undeniably evident for the opportunity to plan a day that a couple will reminisce on for many years. When the beautiful bride finally completes her stroll down the aisle to her new husband, I look at my wife’s face and what I see is overwhelming peace and joy. When a husband sees that look on his wife’s glowing face, we know all is well. And all the husbands said…. AMEN!!!!

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