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8 Years of Passion: Appreciation Post

Elease Productions has been around for about 8 long years now, so I want to take the time to surprise Jackie Carter with an appreciation post! Are you ready for my attempt to sum up THE AMAZING Jackie Carter into one blog post!? It's going to be tough, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

Around 8 years ago, Jackie planned her own wedding of about 400 people, something that's not easily done for anyone their first time planning a wedding. After successfully planning her own wedding, the passion of creating memorable dream weddings had been born. She decided to come up with her own event planning company called Elease Productions that would create peoples' perfect wedding at a reasonable price. Little did she know, her idea would become much more than just that!

Elease Productions was not only born as a passion, but also as a ministry. Jackie made sure that her work and the way that her team conducts themselves would reflect as a light to anyone around. Elease Productions is a team full of talent that works hard to make sure every detail is made with creativity and personality. Everyone on the team doesn't look at Jackie as their boss, but rather as a passionate team leader. She knows how to keep her team members smiling and laughing while keeping everything professional. I mean come on, how many people can say they've seen their boss breaking it down on the dance floor to 'Cupid Shuffle' at a wedding? Jackie knows how to have fun and she's not afraid to show it!

It's one thing to be a successful event planner and be able to create dream weddings for numerous couples, but Jackie goes the extra mile by being personable with her clients. Ask any one of her clients, they'll all talk about how comfortable they felt with her services and how she's able to make you smile and laugh on even the most stressful day of their lives! Many of you know that Jackie likes to keep things real, she'll make sure that you'll remember her as a friend rather than just someone who planned your wedding. Her work not only reflects the hard work she puts into planning, but also the couple's personality.

I wrote this blog to make sure that the years of passion and hard work that Jackie has provided won't be overlooked. As some of you may know, Jackie seems to always have a full plate of work, but she perseveres every time with her best and her gift of serving others always shines through. Thank you for making Elease Productions the blessed company/ministry that it is. We all hope that this passion of yours will continue to grow and more couples will be blessed through your services.

If you'd like to give your own personal thank you to Jackie, make a note in the comments below!

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