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Reliable Vendors

Selecting professional and reliable vendors is a MUST when planning an event. The choice of your vendors can either make your day flow seamlessly or cause unnecessary hiccups. For those that have experience in the wedding industry, you know exactly what we're talking about. Most of us have been on the train ride with people that offer less than par service before. Trust us, it's a ride that you do not want to ever experience. Creating a list of "Go To" vendors could potentially make all the difference in the success of your event.

Here's a small example story to sort of put things into perspective. At a wedding I had coordinated, the night was coming to an end and our event team started to pack things up and load materials into the vehicles. The DJ comes to me and asks if I could help him load his heavy equipment. Mind you, I am a 5ft 130lb woman being asked by a man much bigger than me to lift a speaker and carry it to his car for him. Now of all of the individuals left at the event including some of my event crew members, why ask me? Of course I stated the obvious, "uhmmm no, but I will help you find someone that can assist you". Afterwards I had to offer some sage advice to him, "If you are unable to carry your equipment, either bring an assistant that can help you or consider investing a dolley for this very purpose". And this was just at the end of the event, I'll let you imagine how the rest of the day went.

My advice to those selecting vendors for your wedding, truly dive into researching! Read reviews, look at their work, and see if their personality matches or clashes with yours. Being a wedding planner, brides will often times hire you at the very beginning stages of planning or while they're in the 4th quarter struggling to handle the load. My preference is to hire your planner at the very beginning stages, that way we can figure out how to save you time, money, offer the best recommendations, thoroughly read the fine print, and best of all, negotiate pricing for you! These decisions alone could make all the difference to your experience of getting married.

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